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Learn how to improve the security efficiency of your organization

Having an overall understanding of which areas contain alarms under maintenance is critical for efficient security operations.It helps to save your organization’s time, energy, and attention. Improve your organization’s efficiency with Genetec Security Center here:
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Learn how to protect your organization from cyber risks

Securing your organization can no longer be limited to installing cameras,controlling doors, or monitoring intrusion alarms.Without the right protection mechanisms in place,all these security solutions that you’re adding to your network can become vulnerable to cyber risks. Learn how you can protect your organization from these risks with Genetec:
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Learn why you should move your system to the cloud

Are you still reluctant to make the switch to move your systems to the cloud?Cloud solutions not only offer you an easier, more agile deployment path,they also help you maintain a strong cybersecurity posture. Learn how you can also move your system to the cloud with Genetec:
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City of Gangneung

For the City of Gangneung, monitoring all videos, responding to incidents, and handling investigations became increasingly burdensome for operators who needed to act quickly. See how they managed to resolve this problem with Genetec :
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See why you should unify your security system

Unification can offer you a depth of connectivity between your core security systemsthat can benefit your operations well into the future.You can also complement your unification strategy by bringing third-party integrationsinto the same platform at any time. See why you should unify your system with Genetec:
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Find out what security professionals are thinking

See how you compare to more than 2,000 physical security professionals worldwideand find out what’s at the top of their minds in physical security Check your organization’s security with Genetec:
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Combat the threat of COVID-19 with your security system

Want to find out how the physical security industry is reacting to the threat of COVID-19,how security professionals are coping,and how day-to-day operations and plans are affected for the coming year? Find out more with this report from Genetec:
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Does it feel like your security system is holding you back?

Does it feel like your aging CCTV or video management system (VMS) is holding you back? If so, click here to learn more from @Genetec:
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Do you have an outdated security system?

Outdated security technology held the Énergir security department back.The existing system wasn’t easy to use which hindered operational efficiencyand made investigating alarms very time-consuming. Learn how they solved this problem with Genetec:
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