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Open architecture: the building blocks of a unified security platform

Beyond core systems like access control, video surveillance, ALPR system, and communications management,an open system approach allows you to seamlessly take advantage of a variety of advanced features, plugins,and cutting-edge technologies, so your security solution looks and functions like a single system. Read this blog from Genetec to learn how you can adopt new techonlogy...
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๊ืUnified all your security solutions into one system

Your organization is expanding. The choices you make today will define your ability to face tomorrow’s challenges.But with technology and the nature of threats changing every day,how can you ensure your security system doesn’t slow you down? Click on this page from Genetec to see how their unified security portfolio gives you the flexibility you...
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Unified vs. integrated physical security solutions

A unified physical security platform consists of a suite of products developed as one unit.It means you can turn different systems on or off, but you can’t break connections – because there aren’t any.A unified solution is built from the ground up to consolidate all of the data that you gather,so you can easily and...
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Learn about the possibilities of unifying your security system

Unify all of your data so that you can manage security policies, monitor events, and run investigations.Genetec Security Center extensive ecosystem lets you expand your system with the technology you needto face emerging threats. Click on this page to find out more about the possibilities when unifying your security system:
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Bank Rakyat Indonesia Investing in bank access control

Bank of Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is one of the largest government-owned banks in Indonesia.They wanted an open access control system that could integrate well with various technologiesand systems in the future. Read this story about how they worked with Genetec to solve this challenge:
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Discover the cost-saving potential of a unified physical security system

A unified security system offers a suite of physical security products developed as one solution.Whether you start with access control or video surveillance and eventually add other systemssuch as intercom, analytics, or intrusion, you can manage all your security systems and datain one comprehensive solution. Read this blog from Genetec to discover the cost saving potential of a unified system:
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The benefits of implementing unification

An open, unified platform is a comprehensive software solution that helps organizations meet their immediateand long-term security needs. By offering seamless interconnectivity between multiple systems,including video, access, intercom and intrusion,it provides everything security personnel need within a single unified system. Read this paper from Genetec to learn how unification can benefit your organization:
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Efficiently secure your organization through unification

When all of your physical security activities, functions, and data originate from within a unified system,you can harness the flow of data across your security activities.Making it easier and more efficient to secure people, buildings, and assetswhile also supporting operational efficiencies. Learn about the power of unification from this Genetec page:
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Strengthen your security with affordable cloud-based video

As your organization grows, your security system starts to hold you back.Genetec Stratocast™ is a different kind of cloud-based video management system.It gives you the flexibility to choose the cameras that best meet your needsand offers enterprise-grade multi-site monitoring capabilities. Learn how to strengthen your security with affordable cloud-based video here:
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