Security Center 5.9.1 is here

The first minor release for Security Center 5.9 is now available for download. Available to all Security Center 5.9 users, it provides new layers to control who can share and export video. It also reinforces your system’s resilience by making it easy to close common loopholes to cybersecurity best practices and audit privilege changes over time. Read on to learn more! 

Set strong randomized camera passwords

Nearly 1 in 4 systems fail to use unique camera passwords, often using default manufacturer credentials on several devices. This provides malicious parties with a clear path to gain access to the system.

The new camera password manager sets up strong randomized passwords on your cameras in just a few clicks. With the ability to perform batch and scheduled updates, you can follow cybersecurity best practices efficiently. 

Four-eye principle-compliant video export

Security Center 5.9 introduced new tools to prevent unauthorized video exports, such as the new watermarking and digital signature features. Version 5.9.1 provides even more control to organizations that need to protect sensitive footage. The new supervised video export lets you adhere to the four-eyes principle. When exporting video, the second set of credentials must be entered to proceed. 

Authentication Window Screenshot Security Center 5.9.1

Expanded Firmware Vault ecosystem

Keeping camera firmware up to date is complex. You need to track new firmware releases for multiple brands and models. Then, you have to validate the compatibility of new versions with your video management system. And finally, you have to install the new firmware to the impacted cameras.

The Firmware Vault, launched last year, eliminates these steps so you can rapidly update firmware and close security gaps. It alerts you when new compatible firmware is available for your cameras, and lets you download and distribute it in a few clicks. And since it uses the Genetec Update Service’s secure proxy, it doesn’t require additional configuration.

Up until now, the Firmware Vault exclusively offered new firmware from Hanwha Techwin. We’re happy to announce that three new partners have recently joined the program: Axis CommunicationsBosch Security and Safety Systems, and Panasonic i-PRO!

Export user privilege reports

The Privilege Troubleshooter tool, introduced in version 5.8, lets you inspect user privileges for specific devices and actions in a few clicks. You can now export a list of inspected privileges to maintain a record of user rights over time.

Review Camera Integrity Monitor events efficiently

KiwiVision™ Camera Integrity Monitor alerts you when the footage captured by a camera differs from its reference image. This lets you rapidly identify potential tampering, vandalism, and units requiring maintenance. The new Camera integrity Dashboard widget simplifies the review of events. It displays the reference image, the footage that triggered the event and the current image side by side, so you have all the information needed to assess the situation immediately.

Maintenance Dashboard Screenshot Security Center 5.9.1

Integrate your access control system with HID Origo 

With the new HID Origo™ integration, all HID mobile credentials can now be assigned using Security Center  Synergis™. This new platform is based on a subscription model, allowing users to assign licenses from a dynamic pool.  So even if a device is stolen or lost, the credential is not. It can be reassigned and reused on a new device. Similarly, when an employee is no longer with the company, the credential license can be reused for the next employee. 

What is a minor release?

Security Center minor releases are frequent updates available to all users of a major version. If your system is already using version 5.9, you can upgrade to 5.9.1 and get access to the new capabilities today! If your system is on a previous major version, like Security Center 5.8, you can upgrade to Security Center 5.9.1 with an active Genetec Advantage plan.

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